Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Update & Policy

Dear Pet Parent’s,

We have all been thinking about you and your four-legged friends.

All across the country people are trying to work out what Coronavirus means for them, how to protect themselves and those they love and how they can help the vulnerable. It has been really comforting to witness some of the acts of care and thoughtfulness for others. A silver lining in uncertain times.

More good news! Our already high levels of hygiene mean we don’t need to make too many changes to operations and service. After a thorough Risk Assessment and consultation with Veterinary Surgeon’s, Aberdeenshire Council’s Dog Warden, Animal Professionals and other available information on Coronavirus in human’s and companion pet’s ……Lynwood Kennels are staying open until otherwise instructed!

Q. Is my dog at risk of carrying or contracting Coronavirus?

A. Possibly but probably not.

Disease management and health monitoring have been a constant focus for us, even before the Coronavirus Pandemic. We have checked with Safe4, the suppliers of our disinfectant and it has “been tested to be effective against Coronavirus”

All research and studies point towards this being a virus that is passed human to human but scientists are still hesitant to rule anything out.

“..the virus could theoretically attach to these receptors. But will it enter their cells and replicate? Probably not."

(Shelley Rankin, Microbiologist at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine)

We believe, on the balance of available evidence that the best way forward is to take the same precautions with our dogs as we would ourselves.

Human Safety

Us two legged-types are much more vulnerable and to protect everyone, we need to start minimising contact. From today, in addition to following and keeping up to date with the current advice from the Government and NHS:

  • The Office will be closed (except for Staff access).

  • All Check-in’s and out’s, including payment, will be done over the phone.

  • Drop off can be done in our secure sensory paddock if you need (or want) to completely avoid human contact.

  • Antibacterial wipe down service of leads, food containers etc. We also have pet friendly wipes for your dog’s coat.

  • Belongings: please bring only what is necessary for your pet’s stay. We have lots of leads and bowls and blankets, beds and toys and using our own will keep the risk of human infection (and laundry) down. Please place any food in plastic containers, also easy for cleaning!

  • Our open-door policy for drop in visit’s is suspended but we are more than happy to chat over the phone or email and can send pictures and answer any questions you have.

  • Access to any of the kennel facilities including, food prep area, WC, will be staff only.

If you have a booking with us and need to cancel…

If your booking is provisional you are free to cancel at any time without penalty.

If you have paid a deposit, strain on our diary means we are unable to refund or transfer them. If you have paid the full balance or more than 15%, we can transfer the amount less the 15% deposit, to a future booking or hold in credit.

In the past we have been very relaxed about our Cancellation Policy. It is our hope that our Insurance Policy will enable us to return to that position.

We understand that there will be a great deal of uncertainty about any future travel plans, so we are relaxing our deposit policy and asking only for £10 to confirm bookings, rather than the full 15% of the full booking amount.

We are likely all going to have to go about our daily lives and meet life’s challenges differently for the foreseeable future.

So…what can we do for you …what do you need?

Day care, Pet Taxi’s, Dog Walking, Vet Trips, Training, Dog Food Delivery?

Please let us know, especially if you are in a vulnerable group where special rates will apply.

As things develop we will keep you posted via Facebook, email and Look after yourselves and pass on all our love to your dog’s, who I am sure will be a great comfort to you right now.

Much Love

the McRobb’s and all the staff at Lynwood Kennels.


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