The Kennels

We were looking for a kennel we would be happy sending our own dogs to .. it was a challenge..... so we built some.   


two buildings each with 12 individually heated and lit kennels all with their own private exercise areas.  A secure sensory paddock and 60 acres of woodland walks mean there is an exercise option for all dogs, young and old ...even the escapees!


Run by experienced and professional staff and built to minimise kennel stress and prevent the spread of disease


Lynwood Kennels is the perfect kennel to keep your unique dog safe, warm, happy and appropriately exercised.

Viewing the kennels is better by appointment so we can minimise the impact on the guests, call us to arrange a look around or take a look at our virtual tours (coming soon).







Nikki McRobb
Top Dog

As a young girl I was inspired by the story in All Things Wise and Wonderful where James Herriot rescues a collie at the side of the road who is choking on a tennis ball.  It made me want to take care of and protect dogs.

When I had my children I did some work with kennels in the central belt, web-site design and my favourite, walking them.  So, when both my children started school, we made the decision that I wouldn't return to a city job but instead finally fulfil a dream of working with animals AND getting paid.  We Walk Any Dogs led to this opportunity, to build and run our own kennels and to finally get to work with Alex. 

As with the children, loving dogs doesn't just mean hugging and loving and kissing them (although this is a bonus), it means giving them loving boundaries, being responsible for them, understanding their unique behaviours and drives, keeping them safe and giving them a good routine.  That, I guess is our mission statement!

alex McRobb

If you can open your mind wide enough and imagine the love child of Chuck Norris, The Dog Whisperer and Ranulph Fiennes, then and only then can you get an insight into Alex.

Alex has over 10 years of experience working with dogs in a range of different roles ranging from dog rescues, training and care. He has experience across a varied range of dog breeds and enjoys working with some of the more challenging clients we have had.

When Alex is not working with dogs he can either be found winter climbing or on a mountain bike (out of breath) and narrowly avoiding a trip to hospital.